Combotronic Ltd., specialized in multiple power charging, was founded in Hong Kong 1997.  Our patented design universal AC/DC power packs are incorporated with new technologies and developed by a group of professionals who have intensive experiences in power supply for many years.  
  Every day we are suffering from numerous extension sockets, cables, plugs and chargers at every corner of our home and office. While travelling, we have to carry these "massive stuff", which tends to be lost or missing. It caused us much inconvenience.  We are reluctant to accept it ... ... but we have no better choice!
  Combotronic PowerTM, with years of development and state-of-art technology, delivers you durable, absolutely compact and handy power packs.  With our commitment to developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly products, these “Green” power packs achieve the Energy Star requirements and deliver over 90% of power efficiency without the burden of tangled power cords.
  Superior to traditional adapters, our compact and handy power packs comprise of globally patented rotary plugs that let you change the plug to accommodate different AC wall outlets in different countries.  The 16-step output voltage selections provide you the flexibility of charging different notebooks by using a single power pack.  You can charge your notebook and 2 mobile devices such as mobile, iPad, PDA, Bluetooth, digital camera, GPS, game console and MP3 together.  Moreover, by using an add-on DC Booster, you can instantly charge your devices whenever and wherever you go.
  We offer 3-year limited warranty to the power adapter.  Full ranges of tips and accessories are ready to fit your needs.  Combotronic PowerTM is the perfect gift for friends and family ... ... and yourself.